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Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash

Has revolutionary NUTRIUM MOISTURE ™ that nourishes better than milk. Its 1/4 moisturizing cream leave skin softer and smoother.


Carlo Reyes

This is the perfect summer body wash. It has a clean and refreshing scent. Cucumber scented soaps are a personal favorite. I love that it delivers both on scent and moisture. I don't have to compromise one to get the other. I spotted this on Buy One, Get One once and I regret not hoarding.

Remy Tan

YUM I love the light scent of this. I wish it lasted longer on my skin but I guess that comes with it being a light scent. I would like it to be stronger! The lather is GREAT. It's very velvety... small bubbles that is almost foamy but not. The texture is really nice. It's also very creamy.

Simon Vera

This product moisturizes very well, like all Dove products. My skin feels soft after using it and I love the cucumber smell. The fragrance smells as good as similar products from leading "bath and body" stores, but at a fraction of the price.

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