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5 Get-Guapo Tips For Date Night

She won’t be able to resist you.


So she said yes, and now you’re finally going on a date with the girl you’ve been crushing on. Whether you’ve set it for tonight, tomorrow, or a week from now, it’s never too early to start prepping. Here’s how: 

1. Clear your complexion.

Suddenly sprouting acne on your nose or chin or cheeks can make anyone feel as self-conscious as an adolescent. Keep your skin clear and fresh daily by using an oil-control facial scrub with mineral clay. Not only will it remove 95 percent of excess sebum, but it can also control oil for up to eight hours. With daily use, you’ll find your skin feeling cleaner, getting clearer, and staying oil-free longer. Score!

2. Soften your skin.

Enhance that strong jawline and keep skin smooth and clear with a multi-benefit moisturizer formulated with natural extracts and salicylic acid. Hydrators with these active ingredients will condition skin, help clear your complexion, and minimize pores in one go. It’s a plus if it contains micropowders to leave you looking picture-perfect (and shine-free) on your date.




3. Banish B.O.

If you’re a beast of a man with a decidedly strong scent, invest in a body bar or wash formulated with moisturizing cream and purifying micrograins to fight skin dryness and tightness. Then follow it up with an anti-perspirant and deodorant that gives you up to 48 hours of odor control.

4. Prevent hair fall and flakes.

Keep your locks looking full and healthy by using an anti-hairfall shampoo with ginseng strength technology. When used regularly, your scalp’s natural protection against dandruff is activated and will keep your scalp healthy, prevent hair fall, and provide you with stronger, thicker-looking hair from root to tip.

5. Choose your scent

Most women are obsessed with hygiene - theirs and yours - so nothing grabs their attention like a gorgeous guy who looks (and ismabango. Though cologne is not necessary, it’s always a nice touch. Just make sure not to get trigger-happy when you spritz, since too much can be overpowering and dizzying. You want to draw her in with your scent, so keep it subtle!

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