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8 Skin Mistakes That Are Aging You Faster

Uh-oh! Are you making your skin age faster?

If you’re wondering why your skin is looking older than you are, then you may be making a few unhealthy choices that are damaging your skin. Read through the 8 totally breakable bad skin habits that are speeding up your skin’s aging process and check out the skin regimen (it’s posted at the end!) that can help you look up to 10 years younger.

1. You’re in an air-conditioned room 24/7.
Being in an air-conditioned haven can dry out your skin and strip it of its natural protective moisture barrier, leading to dry, wrinkly skin.

2. You don’t exfoliate.
When you’re young, your skin naturally renews itself every two weeks or so, sloughing off its dead skin cells on its own. But this self-renewing process slows down as you age—yikesleading to thicker skin and a dull complexion.

3. You’re skipping sunscreen.
The effects of not wearing any form of sunscreen aren’t immediately apparent, which is why it’s easy not to take it seriously. But the first signs of aging that start popping up—pigmentation and fine lines—are actually from photoaging as a result of the sun. Something totally preventable!

4.You’re stressed.
When you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed, it impairs your skin’s ability to properly function and causes it to dry out. Once you begin to lose hydration at a more increased pace, wrinkles, fine lines, and even age spots begin to appear a lot more easily

5. You’re not using an eye cream.
Constantly spending late nights at work? Then you better make sure that you’re protecting the delicate skin around your precious peepers; otherwise, you may be making yourself more susceptible to dark circles, sagging lids, and puffiness.

6. You’re not getting enough sleep.
Your body needs to repair itself while you sleep, because chronic exhaustion leads to increased levels of stress hormones, which creates an inflammatory response in your skin. ‘Nuff said.

7. You’re not eating healthy.
Before you reach out for that sugary donut or fried fast food to satisfy a craving, consider how unhealthy eating can age how you look. Not only does it make you gain weight, but an unhealthy diet also damages important proteins in your body like collagen and elastin, both of which contribute to skin’s overall health.


8. You’re not using the right skincare.
Think a general moisturizer is good enough? It’s important to use the right products to treat your specific problems or else you may actually be clogging or irritating your skin. Skin irritants can lead to inflammations, breakouts, scarring, and stripping of your skin’s natural moisture levels.

The Best Anti-Aging Skin Routine For You

Don’t worry! If you’re guilty of neglecting your skin, turn back the hands of time with this youth-boosting regimen.

1. Cleanse. Invest in an exfoliating foam cleanser with gentle micro granules to remove dead skin cells and enhance your skin’s overall radiance. A plus? A formula with bio-actives to stimulate skin from within.

2. Moisturize and Protect. Use a moisture-rich cream—especially those that are infused with vitamin B3 and CLA—because they specifically target (and reduce!) problems like fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skin.

3. Enhance Your Gaze. Look for special ingredients like Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex™ and a dual-formulation feature, so that it can target the specific skin needs of your upper lids for wrinkles and lower lids for dark circles or puffiness.

4. Bring It Down To Your Neck. Fast-acting treatments infused with advanced InstantLift™ Complex help firm and lift your jawline and neck (also called your) Y-Contour, so you can look up to 10 years younger. Look for one with a roll-on massage applicator, so you can apply it over the targeted areas with more precision.

5. Be Smart About Your Base. Always choose an anti-aging BB cream that contains UVA/UVB protection to help protect you against the aging rays of the sun. It can also help you achieve instant, natural coverage and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots.

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