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How To Get Rid Of Bacne For Good

The scoop on how you can deal with back breakouts here!

Acne, whether on your face or body, will never be in style. During the hotter months, your body tends to produce more oil and sweat, making your back more susceptible to breakouts called bacne (a.k.a. back acne). Since it’s also similar to the pimples you get on your face, there are simple and easy ways to treat them. Doing daily steps to keep your skin fresh and clean is the best way to achieve your dream skin. Our tips below:

1. Hit the shower when you get home, whether you’re coming from a workout sesh or just finished taking a dip. Do this ASAP to prevent any pimple-causing bacteria from lingering on your skin. So the sooner you can wash off any sweat, oil, and sunscreen from your body, the better! 

2. Switch to lightweight fabrics. Tight clothes and undergarments rub against your skin, which can actually make your acne worse. Cotton materials are best because they quickly draw sweat away from your skin.

3. Use a soap with gentle exfoliating qualities. Buffing your skin helps get rid of excess dead skin cells that may end up clogging your pores, which also contribute to back breakouts. It also reveals dull, lifeless skin, which is a plus when you’ve been dying to don those summer-y tops or backless dresses. Just be sure that your sudser with moisturizing ingredients, so that you will still feel soft and smooth all over post-shower.


4. Give your back a salicylic acid rubdown. Those pimple- and blackhead-fighting toners you use for your face may also be an effective deterrent to bacne. Salicylic acid helps reduce inflammation and unclogs your pores—perfect for preventing and treating acne on your back. Do the same as you would to your face: Moisten a piece of cotton with the toner, and in front of a mirror, apply the product on affected areas on your back. (This is better done with an extra pair of clean hands, though!)

5. Talk to your doctor. If you have a serious case of bacne, it’s best to consult your dermatologist on top of your every day anti-back acne treatment and regimen. She may suggest a spot healing treatment to reduce the pimples at a faster pace.


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