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How To Remove Sunscreen At The End Of The Day

We can't stress this enough: You have to go to bed with absolutely clean skin.

We can go on and on about the importance of wearing sunscreen during the day, even indoors. But when it’s time to snooze, you have to remove it like you do makeup before hitting the sheets. Here’s why—and how.

What happens when you sleep with sunscreen on

Bedtime is when you must let your skin "breathe" and recover from the dirt and other gunk you put on it during the day, sunscreen included. Like other cosmetic products you use on your skin, sunscreen may block your pores if you don’t remove it properly—or at all!

Much as we hate it, our skin’s sebum, or the natural oil produced by skin, does its job of moisturizing best at night—the only time we can let it sit on our skin without the urge to blot it out. This is actually the perfect time to commit to a skincare routine. As unwashed sunscreen, makeup, and sebum may mix with pollutants and dirt during the day, this potent combination blocks pores and impedes sebum function, eventually causing breakouts.


How to properly remove sunscreen

Before bedtime, thoroughly wash off all products on your skin. Thicker, waterproof sunscreens are formulated to adhere to skin and withstand water, humidity, and sweat, so you can expect their ingredients will be tougher to dissolve. A deep-cleansing facial foam with scrub beads that will really strip all deep-seated residue from your face. 

Complement your wash with a cold cream makeup remover. This step is particularly important to those with dry and/or sensitive skin, as it completely removes residue while replenishing lost moisture from washing, keeping skin moisturized. This will also help nourish your skin after subjecting it to thorough cleaning. 

Finish cleansing with a deep-action cleanser that controls oil while getting rid of stubborn dirt Moisten a piece of cotton with the cleanser and swipe away impurities on the skin in an up and outward motion. This way, you effectively remove layers of products with each step. A cleanser with ice cool actives also helps minimize pores, so you’re sure that any remaining residue won’t climb back into them and cause other skin issues, like acne. 


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