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It's Never Too Early (Or Late) For Anti-Aging

Because it's all about prevention, you know.


It may be the perfect time to start making new beauty resolutions, but the changes we’re proposing here are actually necessities-and it’s not just because another year has gone by. Not convinced? Read this list and learn why you have to start putting an anti-aging routine in place n-o-w.

Reason #1: Everyday pollutants are aging you.
Tough fact: Your daily commute exposes you to a bevy of harmful environmental elements that do nothing but wreak havoc on your face and body. When pollution gets into your skin, it creates free radicals a.k.a. highly unstable molecules that damage skin by destroying your collagen, which is responsible for skin firmness. They can also cause uneven skin tone, increase inflammation (hello, acne!) and worse, make you susceptible to skin cancer.

How To Deal: Reduce the burden that pollutants put on your skin by washing your face thoroughly every day with a facial wash with gentle micro granules to exfoliate, or herbal clay to absorb and remove impurities such as dirt and sebum from your pores. For your body, use a gentle bath soap to wash up (ideally with ¼ moisturizing cream) to nourish and help skin recover faster from external aggressors. Yup, cleansing properly is your first anti-aging step!


Reason #2: UV damage is cumulative.

Think back on all the carefree days you’ve spent lounging on the beach tanning or simply walking around in broad daylight-even if it’s just from your house or to the parking lot-without a drop of sunscreen on your body. It may have seemed harmless back then, but the reality is you’re actually incurring years and years of sun damage. The sad fact is that the effect of this will come haunting you as you get older, manifesting via sagging, hyperpigmentation, dullness, and dryness.

How To Deal: Ask any derma and she’ll recommend this anti-aging tactic to anyone, even to a young child: Make UV protection a part of your everyday life. Choose a daily moisturizer with at least SPF 15 for minor sun exposure, and go higher if you’re going out for a prolonged period of time. A moisturizing day cream with Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex can also speed up the renewal of skin cells and help minimize the signs of past damage. Another bonus: the more hydrated your skin, the less your susceptibility to sun-induced, wrinkle-causing dryness.


Reason #3: Skin repair gets slower over time.

When you’re a baby, your skin can heal itself so fast that a cut today can literally be gone tomorrow. Fast-forward to your 20s or 30s, and unfortunately, the same cannot be said. Acne marks, which take a few days to heal in your teen years, may now take weeks-unmistakable proof that your skin’s repair processes are slowing down.

How To Deal: A good skincare routine keeps skin healthy enough to facilitate fast healing, but you can definitely bolster it further with ingredients that stimulate cell growth such as retinol, which is commonly found in anti-aging night creams (just read the label to be sure). Want a more intense skin boost? You can also layer an anti-aging serum with bio-actives after cleansing in the a.m. and in the p.m. 


Reason #4: Aging is, well, inevitable.

Ever have those moments when you see a paparazzi shot of a celeb and think, “Wow, she looks so old all of a sudden!” We hate to break it to you, but the signs of aging can creep up on you unexpectedly.

How To Deal: Stick to your daily and nightly routine, because even if you don't see drastic effects each day, you can trust that your creams and serums are working to prevent hard beneath the surface. Be prepared and take preventive action, so that you don’t get surprised the next time you look into a mirror.

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