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Men's Corner: How To Control The Oil On Your Face

This will boost your gwapo factor

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Heat, humidity, raging hormones, or stress don’t have to dictate how your skin looks and feels. You can easily reduce shine, diminish oil, and even minimize pores and prevent breakouts. All it takes is a few face-saving tweaks in your grooming routine and you can say goodbye to grease for good.


Do cleanse with an oil-controlling wash. Try to cleanse twice a day—in the morning and evening. All you really need? A facial wash that controls oil for up to eight hours. Avoid oil-based, creamy cleansers that can end up clogging your skin.

X Don’t keep washing your face throughout the day. If you feel that your face is often shiny, then you may be tempted to wash it often. But this could strip your skin of its natural oils and lead it to produce an excess of oil to compensate. 



Do use a deep cleanser daily. A deep cleanser is particularly helpful if you have oily skin, large pores, or hit the gym constantly (leftover sweat = breakouts). Just make sure it contains anti-bacterial agents to banish acne-causing bacteria, reduce excess oil production, and remove any leftover residue from other skincare products.

X Don’t forget to moisturize. It may seem counterintuitive, but applying a lightweight moisturizer rehydrates skin (especially after all that cleansing) and keeps it from generating even more sebum. Just make sure to choose an oil-free hydrator or one that absorbs excess oil with micropowders. 

Do exfoliate with mineral clay twice a week. If oily skin and large pores run in your family then you’ll need a oil-controlling facial scrub with mineral clay and natural extracts to lift away a buildup of dirt, sebum, and dead skin cells from your pores. Prone to breakouts? Choose one with pimple-clearing salicylic acid. 

X Don’t take ‘scrubbing’ too literally. A good facial scrub will do the work for you so you can go gentle on your skin to detoxify it, without using too much force or pressure.

Do change your sheets regularly. You don’t want your freshly cleaned skin to lie on a pillowcase or bed sheet that’s absorbed oil and dirt for days. So make sure to wash your sheets often.

X Don’t keep touching your face. Feeling greasy? Grab a facial tissue and dab on your skin to blot it free of oil. Constantly touching your skin with your dirty fingers may just lead to infections and breakouts.

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