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Men’s Corner: How To Get Energized Skin

Why you look older and more tired than you actually are.


Ever look in the mirror and wonder why your skin looks gray and old all of a sudden? Sure, you’ve had some late nights doing overtime, maybe even knocked back one too many drinks on the weekend—but overall, you keep yourself healthy. So what’s the deal?


Pollution And Your Skin

Dermatologists have been warning folks about the sun’s UV rays and what it can do to your skin, but that’s not the only cause of premature aging. Recent studies show that smog, car fumes, and soot are part of environmental aggressors that harm your skin. Just think: every time you step out of the house—to go to work, the mall, the coffee shop—your skin is constantly under attack. That’s how stealthily these pollutants work. 

Protect, Strengthen, Energize

Luckily, research has shown that you can help your skin shield itself to prevent skin reactions while also alleviating any existing effects on your complexion.


1. Purify with coffee bean extracts

Look for a facial wash that’s specially formulated to cleanse and clarify men’s skin, ridding it of the day’s buildup of dirt. Invest in one with active ingredients like antioxidant-rich coffee bean extracts to re-energize tired skin and also fight the aging effects of pollution. The result? Younger, more vibrant looking skin!

2. Fortify with energizing vitamins

Applying a gel moisturizer every morning and evening can help boost your skin’s defenses by strengthening and maintaining its natural moisture barrier, which acts as a shield to protect from pollutants and UV rays. Opt for one enriched with energizing vitamins (to strengthen skin and prevent tiredness) and coffee bean extracts.

3. Shield with antioxidant-rich SPF

To thoroughly protect skin from environmental pollution, you should also use sunscreen daily. Look for sun protection with antioxidants so that you defend your skin on two fronts: against UV rays and environmental stressors. 

4. Nourish with food rich in fatty acids

Supplementing your skincare with the right kind of diet will do wonders for your skin. The healthier you are, the better your skin, and consuming antioxidant-packed food (like leafy veggies, fruits) as well as omega-rich nuts and fish help strengthen, protect, and energize your complexion from the inside out for a healthier, stronger, more vibrant look.


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