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Men's Corner: How To Not Look Tired Despite Major O.T.

It's time to take your basic skincare routine to the next level


Read on to find out how you can expand your routine by picking these advanced grooming add-ons. It’s the best way to ensure that you always have energized and healthy-looking skin!

1. The Grooming Basic: Facial wash

A good cleanser is the backbone of every skincare routine. And as a modern man, you already know that it’s an even trade (think: in exchange for washing off the dirt, pollution, and oil, you get a cleaner, clearer complexion).

Advanced Add-On: An all-in-one facial cleanser

One of the best ways to show that you can handle anything at work? Make sure that you don’t look tired and haggard at meetings. Energize your skin and give it a jump-start with an all-in-one deep cleanser that has coffee bean scrubs and menthol. This way, you get a deep clean and a fresh glow whenever you start your day.

2. The Grooming Basic: Toner




It helps get rid of extra grease and makes your skin feel extra clean and refreshed with each swipe. What’s not to like?

Advanced Add-On: A double-duty deep cleanser

If your routine in the morning includes a quick shave, you can streamline your products with a deep cleanser that doubles as an after-shave. Look for one with anti-bacterial agents to help prevent blackheads, removes trapped oil from pores, and soothes skin to help prevent ingrown hair.

3. The Grooming Basic: Moisturizer

Despite our hot and humid climate, you can still dry out your skin - especially if you’re not drinking enough H20. Slapping on a moisturizer that’s formulated for men’s skin is a great way to get rid of those itchy, flaky patches.

Advanced Add-On: An oil-controlling moisturizer with SPF

A moisturizer can keep your skin soft and smooth, but it should also keep your skin beso-ready at all times. Look for one with micropowders for a smooth finish and salicylic acid to make sure those pimples stay away. This way, she won’t shy away when you lean in for a kiss.

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