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Men's Corner: Is Shaving Giving You Pimples?

Yes, but you can stop it with the right technique.


Wondering why you’re breaking out around the jawline, mouth, and chin? Take a close look at your shaving routine. There are many things about this everyday grooming habit that could cause acne. In fact, here’s a breakdown to help you figure out why it’s happening and what you can do about it.


Why you’re breaking out: Irritated skin

What to do about it: Always start by cleansing your face with warm water and a facial wash that contains Witch Hazel Extract. This helps purify skin from acne-causing bacteria while reducing swelling, inflammation, and redness.


Why you’re breaking out: Dull & dirty razors




What to do about it: Your shaving tool is likely to contain a buildup of bacteria that can cause acne, irritation, and infection. So make sure to run your razor over hot water after every pass or two on your skin. Once done, rinse it out using a strong pressure of hot water to flush out residue in the front and back. Don’t forget

to throw out old razors and replace them with new ones every few weeks to keep blades sharp. This helps prevent nicks and cuts caused by too-close shaving with blunt blades.


Why you’re breaking out: Shaving against the grain

What to do about it: While going against the grain may give you a trimmer, neater look, going with the grain prevents shaving bumps from forming, and makes you less prone to inflammation, irrigation, and infection.


Why you’re breaking out: Forgetting to apply aftershave

What to do about it: Seal your freshly-shaved skin with a mild deep cleanser that doubles as an aftershave. In fact, one with anti-bacterial agents can be used to clean your skin before and after your shave, and prevents germs from entering pores, resulting in blackheads or whiteheads.

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