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Men's Corner: The Sneaky Causes Of Haggard Skin

And how to prevent it.


One moment, you’re described as boyishly good looking. The next, your skin looks rough, dull, and old—like you’re way past your prime. While it’s not necessarily a dermatological condition that requires treatment, haggard skin lacks a youthful energy, resilience, and strength that makes you look tired and worn out. So what’s causing it? And how do you get your skin back on track?

You’re lazy with your skincare. Not caring for your skin compounded with grooming mistakes (like over washing and using harsh products) can make you look older. Start building a simple grooming regimen by using a facial wash packed with antioxidant-rich coffee bean extracts to get rid of dirt particles and refreshing menthol to energize your complexion and give it a healthy glow. 

Your skin is aging. We’re not going to sugarcoat it for you. As you get older, your skin needs helps in revealing a healthy new layer. Boost your skin’s sluggish cellular turnover by exfoliating with a mild scrub once or twice a week. This will remove dead skin cells that were building up in a thick layer over your complexion. Then, help slow down the aging process by applying a light moisturizer with vitamin B3 to help strengthen your skin. 



You’re partying too much. If you’re knocking back a few rounds of beer every weekend (and sometimes during the midweek), then you’re body is often dehydrated, which in turn can affect you skin. Ease up on the booze, rehydrate with water, and apply a gel moisturizer with energizing vitamins and coffee bean extracts.

You’re not getting enough sleep. The appropriate amount of shuteye gives your body the necessary time it needs to work on repairing itself so you (and your skin) can look rested and well the next morning. Aim for at least eight hours a night.

You’re not exercising. Blood-pumping workouts improve your circulation and the blood flow to your skin, giving it the energy boost you need. You don’t even need to spend hours at the gym—just a quick 15-minute run can work wonders. 

You’re not eating right. Indulgent eating can take its toll, especially as you get older. Your metabolism slows down and your body isn’t able to process too much rich, fatty, or processed foods. Opt for taking in more fruits and vegetables, which are packed with skin-beneficial antioxidants and vitamins instead.

You're skipping the SPF. By now you know that sun exposure causes photo aging, which results in skin dryness, roughness, hyperpigmentation, melasma, wrinkles, and cancer. Even with the right lifestyle choices, constant exposure to harmful UV rays without sun protection wreaks havoc on your skin, so always make sure to wear SPF daily. 

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