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Men's Corner: This Summer, Banish Body Breakouts

Getting pimples and blackheads on your chest, back, and neck? Try these skin-saving solutions!


Listen up, gents. We’re sure you know that testosterone has been hard at work inside you since puberty - working on your libido, boosting bone mass, and helping you gain muscle size and strength. But that same manly hormone is also responsible for increasing sebum production, which can cause breakouts all over. When this oil is mixed with sweat, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria - especially during the hot and humid days of summer. So what’s a guy to do now that beach season’s here and you can’t hide those unwanted breakouts? 

Strategy #1: Lather Up

Good hygiene starts with a good shower. Just as you would with your face, cleanse your skin with a body wash that contains salicylic acid to eliminate pimple-causing germs, reduce inflammation, and unclog pores. Tip: The order you lather up matters, so remember to use your soap or body wash after you shampoo. This way, you get to rinse off any hair care residue that may be causing your breakouts.

Strategy #2: Unclog Pores

Slough off dead skin cells and trapped dirt to reveal new, healthy layers of skin with a loofah or nylon glove. But be warned - scrubbing too hard can dry you out, causing skin to produce more oil. A better option? Look for a facial cleanser with exfoliating ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids or beta hydroxy acids (i.e. salicylic acid). Put a few drops on a cotton face towel, and once it foams, wash it over the affected areas.

Strategy #3: Treat Your Zits

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Want to get rid of that pimple faster? Apply a spot treatment with salicylic acid at night, so you don’t simply sweat it off during the day, and you prevent irritating your skin with active ingredients that make your skin sensitive to the sun.

Strategy #4: Change Out Of Sweaty Clothing

This may be hard to do now that it’s summer and you’re likely to sweat all day, but an extra change of shirts can help keep you fresh and clean. Can’t change? Try using handy anti-bacterial wipes (or at least grab a few napkins to wipe off the excess sweat and grease) for a quick and refreshing clean.

Strategy #5: Let Your Skin Breathe

Polyester, spandex, rayon - these synthetic fabrics don’t let your skin breathe and make you more prone to sweating buckets. Instead, opt for clothes in cotton or cotton blends as much as possible.

Strategy #6: Consult A Derma

There’s really no shame in it. A dermatologist can help determine if your body breakouts are simply acne or a symptom of fungal infection. Knowing what it is can help you develop a skincare regimen that will help you beat your body breakouts for good. Plus, some dermas even offer professional back facials that can help you get rid of those pimples a lot faster.

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