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Quiz: Is Your Daily Commute Giving You Pimples?

This might be the acne-causing factor you’re forgetting!


Construction sites, car exhaust, cigarettes, and fires release smoke, soot, and other pollutants into the air. They come in tiny particles that are sometimes smaller than your pores, making it easy for them to penetrate the deeper layers of skin and cause damage. Not only do these particles accumulate and block pores, resulting to inflammation, they also weaken skin’s natural barrier, making it susceptible to more damage (and pimples!) over time.

If you suspect that your commute to and from work is making you breakout, check the statements that apply to you to know for sure, and learn how to battle skin damage from pollution.

  • You live or work in a high-traffic area, like Metro Manila, Cebu, or any other big city.
  • You live or work near a major highway or construction site. You also pass by one daily.
  • You take a jeep, tricycle, bike, and/or non-air-conditioned bus wherever you go.



  • You are exposed to the sun at least once each day.
  • You smoke or regularly hang out with people who smoke around you.
  • You endure that hot gust of exhaust from buses and vehicles while waiting for a ride.

The Results: If you ticked off at least one item from the list above, then most likely, pollution is one of the leading culprits behind your stubborn pimples. Keep reading to discover two simple skin moves that can save your skin from pollution-induced breakouts!

Your Anti-Pollution Skin Move #1: Get a good cleanser.
Wash your face with a multi-action facial foam twice a day to score a deep clean. It’s important that you get rid of the pollutants that are stuck inside your pores or else it will continue to emit toxins into your skin. To help fight bacteria and prevent acne from becoming a full-blown zit, look for one with salicylic acid. Tip: You’ll also get a gorgeous glow if your wash contains brightening essence and niacinamide - these help fight the elements that dull your skin.

Your Anti-Pollution Skin Move #2: Protect, protect, protect.
Exposure to pollution causes free radicals on your skin, so make sure your eat lots of fruits and veggies that are rich in anti-oxidants to help neutralize them and keep your cells healthy from within. On the surface, remember to apply a moisturizer that contains vitamins A and E (these are also anti-oxidants) and has SPF to shield you from environmental pollutants and UV rays before you step out of the house.

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