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The Clueless Girl's Guide To Whitening

Want brighter skin but don't know to start? Read on.

Everyone wants fairer skin nowadays, but with so many products to choose from, even the most knowledgeable beauty junkie can get overwhelmed. Here are a few tips to get you started on the road to a brighter, more glowing complexion.

1. Assess your whitening goals.

Time for some real talk: If you want to work your way to rosy white skin, you need to invest in the right and safe products. Those quick-fix peels actually make you darker in the long run because of the damage you’re causing your skin! What you can (and should) expect from a good whitening product:

          • fading of dark spots and acne scars over time

          • an improved, more even skin tone all over

          • smoothened pores that have reduced in size or appearance

          • supple, moisturized skin with a rosy-white glow

2. Assemble your arsenal of whitening must­haves.

          • A good day cream and an effective night cream. It’s best to select a moisturizer and night-time skincare product that target whitening beyond just the cosmetic. Ingredients like Vitamin B3 go deep down into the skin and inhibit skin darkening at the root of it all: the production and use of melanin by your body. Vitamin B3 also lessens redness and reduces acne scarring, making your skin smoother and more even over time.

          • Daily SPF for face and body. Say hello to your new best friend: SPF. Sun protection is a definite must in our crazy-sunny tropical climate, and the skin cancer stats are alarming! Make sure you slather on a whole teaspoon’s worth of sunblock formulated for your face, or at the very least make sure your whitening BB cream has SPF blended in.

          • Exfoliating facial wash. Vitamin B3-infused whitening products work better on regularly exfoliated skin, so make sure you factor in a good (but gentle) scrubbing session at least once a week. Use a gentle but deep cleansing scrub to free your skin from dirt and residue—look for activated carbon, an extremely porous material that works double-time by absorbing impurities without the risk of overdrying your skin. Don’t forget to follow up your scrub sesh with a moisturizer that also contains vitamin B3, to maximize its whitening benefits.

3. Don’t make these rookie mistakes.

          • Focusing only on your face. It’s easy to just think about whitening your face, because after all, that’s probably where you’re noticing more unevenness or spots and scars. But it’s essential that you start by establishing a routine for your whole body—so that when you start seeing results, it’s consistent with the rest of your body.

          • Going for instant­effect peels. Don’t take the quick and easy way out with peels or masks that can take off more than it should, leaving you with raw skin. They’re not safe and should only be done with your dermatologist’s supervision!

          • Confusing pasty with rosy white. Test out your cream on the back of your hand. What you’re looking for is a dewy, rosy finish—not a thick, chalky white. Watch out for light-reflecting illuminators that bounces the light off your skin and instantly makes you look fairer, not paler.

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