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The Culprits Behind Xerosis—And The Healing Solutions For Your Skin

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It’s summer, and with the heat on full blast, applying lotion may be the last thing on your mind in this heat. That’s why xerosis (the medical term for dry skin) can make an appearance and cause your skin to feel uncomfortable and look lackluster. Keep reading to find out the exact culprit behind your xerosis this season and learn how to treat it accordingly. 


The Culprit: You like to use the air-conditioner a lot.
We live in a tropical country with high humidity so it’s only natural to take refuge in airconditioned spaces all day–working, sleeping, and even weekend malling. But constant exposure to the airconditioning dries out the skin.

Your Skin Fix: Control the humidity settings of your cooling unit to keep it from being too low or spouting dry air. If you can’t control the airconditioner’s settings, then make sure to often apply lotion with micro-droplets of petroleum jelly. This will intensely hydrate even your deepest skin cells for soft, supple, and radiant-looking skin despite the drying effects of the cold air.


The Culprit: You swim a lot and love long baths.
We understand the need to jump into the shower often this summer. But frequent bathing and long, hot showers will strip your skin off its natural oils. The same goes for soaking all day in a chlorinated pool or taking a dip in the ocean.

Your Skin Fix: After swimming in the pool or ocean, make sure you rinse of immediately. When bathing, always opt for tepid water since it’s more skin-friendly. To help lock in moisture from your bath, apply lotion in circular motions while your skin is still damp. 


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The Culprit: You lather up with strong soaps.
Antibacterial liquid soaps and regular bar soaps may give you that fresh, squeaky-clean feeling, but they can also strip off your protective moisture barrier and damage your skin—especially if you shower more than once a day.

Your Skin Fix: Opt for gentle body cleansers that replenish lost moisture and natural oils. Look for sudsers with ¼ moisturizing lotion to ensure that your skin gets the hydration it needs while your shower. 


The Culprit: You're constantly exposed to the sun.
Sunbathing, playing sports, or merely walking to and from a place—it’s near impossible to escape sun exposure. Unfortunately, the sun’s harmful UV rays can damage your skin's DNA, causing moisture loss and a decrease in collagen and elastin. The result? Photo aging.

Your Skin Fix: Limit yourexposure to the sun and always use moisturizers and lotions that are infusedsunscreens into their formulas to protect yourself from its UVA and UVB rays.Not only will you prevent yourself from getting sunburnt but you also protectyourself against cancer.


The Culprit: You're older.
The truth is, your skin experiences detrimental effects as you age. It releases fewer natural oils, the signs of sun damage begin to appear, cell renewal slows down, and its ability to retain moisture decreases.

Your Skin Fix: Develop a habit of moisturizing often and carry a travel-sized lotion with you wherever you go. Applying an all-over moisturizer throughout the day helps rehydrate dry skin, helps protect damaged and sensitive skin, while softening and smoothening. Tip: Look for lotion that contains puresoya extracts with Stratys 3 to deliver 24-hour nourishment to skin.

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