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The Easiest Anti-Aging Facial Ever - In Just 6 Steps!

Cop these glow-getting moves the pros with this easy-to-do facial.

1. Pre-step. Slip into comfy clothes, tie your hair to prevent any residue or product from getting into your hairline, and get into the mood with soothing music (No, EDM or hip-hop, please!).

2. Cleanse. Use a moisturizing cleansing cream to remove makeup and a mild cleanser afterward to get rid of all the oil and dirt from your face.

3. Scrub. Rub a gentle facial scrub in small circular motions all over your face. Don’t forget to give oilier and more congested parts of the face (such as your T-zone) an extra good scrub!


4. Steam. Prepare a basin of hot—but not boiling—water and let your face hover over it to open up your pores. Another option? Run a washcloth under warm water, wring it out, and drape it over your face.

5. Moisturize. Seal in all the goodness with a hydrating moisturizer. Look for ingredients like glycerin, CLA, AHA, and retinol that are known to even out your complexion and refine the texture of your skin.

6. Y-Contour. Don’t neglect your Y-Contour, which consists of your jawline and neck—sagging skin on those areas can make you look older. Use upward motions while applying an anti-aging moisturizer to lift and firm up those areas, but if you want a quicker way of smoothing on the product, you can look for a roll-on massage applicator that specifically targets your Y-Contour.


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