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The Whitening Move You're Missing

It's time to get scrubbing!

A bit of science: Your skin cells naturally replenish themselves, shedding the top layers of dead skin cells in a process called desquamation—but as we age, our cells become less efficient at it (hello, tougher and duller skin!). This is why you should help this natural process along by scrubbing the outermost layer of your skin regularly.

Why You Need To Scrub

The moment you polish your skin with a facial wash that contains gentle scrubbing beads , you expose a fresh layer of skin cells. That means instantly brighter skin! The sloughing motion also restores and improves blood circulation to your face, sending fresh, nutrient-rich oxygen to the surface of your skin. The result: rosy, glowing skin as soon as you pat your face dry.

Aside from that, removing dead surface-level cells also allows your other facial products to penetrate deeper and more effectively. This lets your skin drink up your pricey serums and masks by making sure they go on clean, freshly exfoliated skin. But make sure to moisturize after! Look for a hydrating gel with rose lumiere serum to help lock in moisture on freshly scrubbed skin.

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