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This Latest Anti-Acne Regimen Gets Rid Of Zits In As Early As 3 Days

This is not a drill!


Pimples remain to be the top skin issues of many Filipinas. With the heat and pollution that many of us are exposed to every day, it’s not surprising that we often find ourselves with unwanted breakouts, zits, and acne. Add to this the wrong skincare regimen, and you’re looking at breakouts that stretch out even to adulthood. 

What are we doing wrong? 

When pimples happen, Filipinas are so quick to reach for harsh peels or ineffective soaps that they believe works for them, only to wait for weeks for the zit to disappear. To make things worse, this habit often leaves the skin with dark acne scars and marks that deprive you having radiant and even skin tone. What they don’t realize is that there are newer anti-acne breakthroughs out there that are more effective and easier to use. 



So what’s the latest scoop for clearer, pimple-free skin?

It’s time to ditch your old anti-acne habits and take advantage of the hottest breakthrough in skincare now. With TT Technology—short for Terpineol and Thymol—scientists have created a facial wash and acne-clearing gel combination that is clinically-proven to clear the skin of pimples in as early as 3 days. 
They key here is the combination of the two major ingredients: Thymol essence creates holes in the cell wall of the bacteria, while Terpineol essence enters the bacterial cells and destroys it at the source, stopping it from multiplying. The result? Zero acne for good (really, this system prevents your pimples from popping up on the same spot over and over again).

But how do we use it? 

The best skincare practice is to use both this two-step system (the facial wash and acne-clearing gel) twice a day. After washing your face with the scrub, pat your skin dry, then smooth on a pea sized amount of the gel all over. The gel will deposit anti-acne ingredients on the skin, boosting the skin-clearing effect of the facial wash. It shouldn’t feel sticky on your skin, because it’s incredibly lightweight. Observe your pimples—they’ll banish after three short days. And yes, it’s really that easy!

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