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Top Reasons Why Men Break Out

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Compared to women, men release more sweat and oil on their skin. That’s why it’s more common for dirt and sebum to get stuck below the surface of your skin and cause eruptions like whiteheads, blackheads, and yes, zits. Looking for more causes to help control your breakout? Here’s the scoop:

1. It could be in your genes.

Take a look at the members of your family. If your parents, uncles, or cousins are acne-prone, then there must be something in your DNA that’s making you more prone to breakouts.

Your solution: Consult a licensed dermatologist about your medical history and ask if there’s a skin regimen or meds that he or she can prescribe to improve the way your complexion reacts to your genetic makeup.

2. Your body is reacting to the stress.

Is there an aspect in your life that’s currently stressing you out? When you feel highly anxious, your body releases different types of hormones that may indirectly contribute to the overproduction of sebum on your skin, which in turn end up clogging your follicles.

Your solution: This doesn’t really have an easy step-by-step technique, but trying to calm yourself in highly stressful situations can help prevent your body from producing acne-inducing hormones like cortisol. Take a deep breath, count to 10, or maybe even take a well-needed time-out to recollect yourself. 

3. You don’t have a regular facial care routine.


Dirt and particles accumulate over time, so you really need to make an effort to do this at least twice a day. Leaving your acne to heal on its own can lead to other skin complications—like scars or crater marks—which can be an even greater hassle to deal with later on.

Your solution: Keep it simple by lathering up as soon as you wake up, and right before you go to bed. Use a facial wash that contains ingredients to help control zits and acne, like salicylic acid and scrub beads. Another ingredient that may work to remove impurities from your skin and control oil production is mineral clay extract.

4. You wear headgear often.

Hats, caps, and helmets all serve their own purpose—whether it’s to look cool, shield you from the sun, or for protection while you’re cycling. If you don’t clean them often, however, they could already be breeding germs that may eventually transfer to your skin. And once bacteria interact with sebum, oil, or sweat glands trapped in your follicles, they produce those angry, pus-filled zits you so love to hate.

Your solution: Keep your headgear clean as often as you can. Clean the insides of your helmets with an anti-bacterial wipe. For caps, beanies, and hats, toss them in the laundry and let them dry under the sun when not in use.

5. Your de-fuzzing routine needs an overhaul.

Using old razors or shaving with just water makes it difficult for new hairs to break through the skin. When this happens, you’re more prone to bacterial infections that can turn into painful, ginormous zits.

Your solution: First, apply shaving cream to provide a protective barrier between your skin and the razor. You should also make sure that you always use a fresh blade when you have to de-fuzz in order to cut through thick strands cleanly and allow them to grow back more easily.

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