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Why Guys Need Sunscreen, Too

It's not just a girl thing. You need to protect your skin no matter what your gender.

Men are love the outdoor activities whether it’s cycling, running, golfing, and playing basketball. While it’s good to get a healthy dose of nutritious vitamin D from the sun, too much exposure to it could be detrimental to your health. Here’s what you need to take note of before skipping the sunscreen:

Going unprotected = frying your skin in the heat. Stop arguing that sunshine is good for you. With so many pollutants in the air, the atmosphere is definitely not fit enough to block out the sun’s harmful UV rays. Quit resisting and use light, water-based serums with broad-spectrum sunscreen can prevent your skin from premature wrinkles and the painful effects of sunburn.



It can protect your face from blotchiness and breakouts. Aside from sunburns, unnecessary exposure can end up with you having blotchy skin—patches of highly sensitive, red, or swollen skin. Letting them go unnoticed may make your complexion susceptible to dirt, residue, and impurities that could cause a breakout. Don’t you agree that dealing with an acne problem is much worse than applying sunscreen? We think so, too.

Sunscreen offers better protection than clothing. If you think wearing long-sleeved shirts or body suits is enough to give you 100% protection against the sun, think again. Clothes, especially ones made of cotton, offer an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rating of only about 5—definitely not enough to protect you against the sun’s harsh rays. Make sure to apply a good amount of sunscreen on your skin even if you are covered in clothing from head to toe. Don’t forget to re-apply after two hours!

Sun protection slows down aging skin. Clinical trials have shown that a continuous use of sunscreen delays the effects of aging on skin at a tremendously slow rate. Control groups that used sunscreens over a period of time experienced little skin aging compared to the ones who didn’t. Their skin remained elastic, free of visible wrinkles, and smoother compared to the other group.

Without sun protection, your chances of getting skin cancer increase. There is considerable data that show that a good number of melanoma sufferers are men. So, don’t take this matter lightly. Use special products like sunscreens and body lotions with lightweight formulations that give just the protection you need to get better skin health, and even others that offer other benefits like more even skin tone. So get on the road to better skin health, and reap more than just a few heads turning your way (though that’s not so bad at all).

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