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3 Best Acne-Fighting Ingredients For Guys

No excuses. You have to know what they are.


Are the constant breakouts beginning to take a toll on your confidence? Take control of your skin situation by washing your face with an actual facial wash that keeps oil and grit away—not your regular bath soap. Read the label and check if it contains these three acne-busting ingredients to make sure it keeps your skin clear and shine-free.

1. Salicylic Acid

The well-known zit-zapper not only effectively dries pimples, but it also controls oil and dissolves acne-causing gunk that clogs your pores. The best part? It’s also anti-inflammatory, so it helps speed up the healing process of that angry red pimple. Problem solved.



2. Mineral Clay

This active ingredient instantly absorbs oil and removes impurities from the surface, so your skin always looks fresh and clean. Look for facial foams with mineral clay formulations that can help control oil production for up to 12 hours, so you won’t have to worry about looking greasy on a busy day.

3. With Hazel Extract

It’s not exactly sorcery, but this pimple-fighting wonder does work like magic. It’s known for its ability to fight acne, heal blemishes, and help tighten pores to make them appear smaller and your skin smoother.

The bottom line: Remember that men’s skin differs from women’s, so avoid using your girl’s skincare products (they’re way too many for the average guy anyway). Cleansing your mug with a facial foam with at least one, or better, all of these ingredients will work like an acne treatment that can help keep those pimples away and your face absolutely date-ready.

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