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The ABCs Of Whitening Cream

So many options, so many brands. Which whitening cream reigns supreme?

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Where do you even start looking for one? No fancy stuff here—the basic (but most essential!) things to look for in a whitening cream are as simple as A, B, C (and D!)

A is for…Active Ingredients

Check out your cream’s label for product information. Research on your cream’s active ingredients—buzz-worthy words like Korean ginseng are proven to be safe and effective whitening agents, targeting your skin from within to produce a brighter and glowing complexion. Another important thing to spot on the packaging: sunscreen. You may not feel the effects of sun damage yet and think it’s easy to forego daily sun protection, but SPF is one of the most effortless and effective ways of protecting your skin from further darkening and signs of aging. Some active ingredients like Vitamin B3 also work much better when paired with SPF, so consider it the sidekick to your superhero whitening ingredients.

B is for…B3

Niacinamide, which is a stable and safe form of vitamin B3, is the active ingredient du jour when it comes to whitening—and it’s especially beneficial to Asian skin. Studies have shown that this ingredient can even out hyperpigmentation (those age spots!) and smoothen your face (buh-bye wrinkles!). One of its super powers when it comes to skin is preventing dark spots and uneven-colored skin on the cellular level. It’s extremely effective as a moisturizing cream, and its strength only increases with the help of regular exfoliation and SPF application.

C is for…Comfort

Getting fairer and more even skin shouldn't have to hurt. If your face stings, turns red, or develops rashes or bumps after using your whitening cream, don't think this is normal or part of the process! Those adverse effects could be from harsh or unsafe ingredients (like hydroquinone and kojic acid) that are not formulated expertly or carefully. There are many effective and safe whitening products that go on light and sweet-smelling, so you feel good on the way to looking even better.

D is for…Dermatologist-Tested

Reputable whitening creams and gels will always be backed up by good research and thorough development. While it’s okay to get excited because of exciting advertising (or your friend's promise that this really, really worked for her), read the labels and make sure that the product states that it’s dermatologist-tested so you’re sure it’s safe and effective.

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