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3 Ways To Score An Airbrushed Effect With BB Cream

Deets inside!


A lot of women like using BB cream because it’s a makeup-slash-skincare product that gives you lots of beauty benefits like:

  • natural-looking (and buildable!) coverage
  • protection from UV rays
  • and unique formulations that target specific skin concerns from whitening to anti-aging

Most gals hurriedly  slap on this wonder cream with their fingers, and even though that totally works, taking a little more time to apply it carefully can give you an airbrushed finish. You’ll need to use tools, but the effort’s worth it to score a smoother, second-skin finish. Here’s how:


The Makeup Tool: A flat foundation brush
Best For: Day-to-night work days
Application Technique: Start by squirting a little BB cream over the back of your hand and work it into the brush first. For a more polished finish, begin patting the product over the center of your face going outwards and use light, upward strokes to blend it over your skin.

Get Flawless Tip: Once you’re done with the first layer, add a little more BB cream to your brush and pat over the spots where you need extra coverage—like under your eyes or the sides of your nose. Using a flat foundation brush is handy, because it makes it easier for you to reach the hard-to-reach corners on your face.



The Makeup Tool: A blending sponge
Best For: Big and fancy events where you need to look put-together

Application Technique: This tool helps create the airbrushed look that a lot of celebrities go for on the red carpet. It’s actually easier than using a brush, because you don’t have to worry about leaving bristle marks on your face. To do, just dip the sponge over your BB cream. You’ll want to dab the sponge over the back of your hand a bit before you press it over your face for a more flawless finish. Don’t forget to blend well!

Get Flawless Tip: Dampen your sponge before using it! This will help give you a softer, more natural-looking finish and it also prevents your sponge from sopping up too much product. Just make sure that it’s not dripping wet or else it can cause streaking.


The Makeup Tool: A Stippling Brush
Best For: Date nights and chill weekends
Application Technique: The bristles of stippling brushes are usually two-toned and cone-shaped, which is why they’re great for scoring a subtle, diffused finish. All you need to do is dip the tip of the bristles into your BB cream, dot it over your face, and use circular motions to swirl the product over your skin.

Get Flawless Tip: If you have acne scars, this is the best tool for you since it brushes over them smoothly. Just keep dotting and buffing more BB cream over your problem spots (lightly, of course!) to help cover them up seamlessly.

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