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Are You Applying Sunscreen The Right Way?

Maximize your UV protectors without looking like a greasy mess with this three-step guide for both face and body.

You’ve probably heard it a million times: You need sunscreen every single day, and not just when you’re at the beach! Admittedly, most of us still fail to follow this beauty commandment mainly because of the greasy shine, heavy after-feel, and fear of unwanted breakouts. How to get around this? The trick, aside from finding lightweight, non-sticky formulations, actually lies in the application. Check out our techniques on how to achieve that fresh, no-shine effect when you apply your daily UV blocker.

HOW TO APPLY: Your Facial Sunscreen

Protect your pretty face (sans the added shine) by adding a couple of quick, mattifying steps post-application.


STEP 1: After cleansing and moisturizing skin, apply sunscreen (dermas recommend about ¼  teaspoon or the length of your index finger) over your face. A product with an SPF of 15 to 30 is ideal for daily use, especially if you’re staying indoors most of the day.  Just make sure you cover crucial areas (like your nose, forehead, and the skin near your hairline), since the sun directly hits these spots. Do this at least 15 minutes before heading out to allow the skin to absorb the product.
STEP 2: Grab a piece of tissue or oil-blotting film and gently dab your face to remove excess residue. Don’t rub—just pat quickly over your skin—so you don’t remove too much of the product.
STEP 3: Apply your base—ideally a BB cream with SPF 30—to subtly hide any imperfections, get a gorgeous glow, and score additional protection. Finish by dusting translucent powder all over your face to mattify and you’re done!

Hot Tip: Want to save time? Moisturizer-sunscreen hybrids—meaning day creams with SPF—can hydrate skin and protect with just one layer of product. If you’re heading to the beach or staying outdoors for a long period of time, though, opt to use a water-resistant, pure sunblock as well. Just remember to reapply every two hours!

HOW TO APPLY: Sunscreen For The Body

Say no to that sticky after-feel by allowing your product to be absorbed thoroughly and soaking up any excess.


STEP 1: Whether you’re using a pure sunblock or a non-greasy lotion with SPF (always go for SPF 30 minimum), it’s best to slather it on before getting dressed to ensure that you cover your entire body. Most adults need about an ounce of product—around the amount you can hold in your palm or in a shot glass—to cover you from the neck down.
STEP 2: Gently pat a cotton towel all over your body before putting on your clothes or swimsuit to get rid of the extra product on your skin. Wait at least 15 minutes after application before heading out for maximum absorption.
STEP 3: If you’re swimming or sweating excessively, your best bet would be a water-resistant, pure sunblock applied every two hours. But if you’re just staying indoors or commuting to work, applying an SPF-spiked lotion in the A.M. should be enough.
Hot Tip: When buying sunscreens, choose products that provide broad-spectrum coverage, meaning they protect from both UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays.

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