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Can I Skip Sunscreen If I'm Using Whitening?

If you want to lighten your complexion, then this is a non-negotioable.



Here’s what you need to know: Your skin produces melanin (or brown pigmentation) as a natural way of protecting itself against UV damage. It’s basically what causes your skin to darken whenever you’re exposed to the sun. But because most skin whitening products work by breaking down these pigments and inhibiting melanin production, this can leave you more photosensitve or vulnerable to sunlight.

If you don’t use sunscreen to protect your skin while you’re using whitening products, sun exposure can cause your skin to produce even more melanin than normal just to help protect your skin and it can also cause the signs of aging to appear much faster. Counter these effects by making sure you use a sunscren that blocks against both UVA rays (look for the PA++ symbol) and UVB rays (look for the SPF label). The most important thing here is to be honest with yourself about how diligent you will be when it comes to applying sunscreen. If you’re they type who gets lazy or opts to skip it because you’re running late for work, then make sure you go for a whitening moisturizer that’s formulated with SPF to lighten and protect your skin in one go.

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