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Top 5 Anti-Aging Habits Of Koreans

There's a reason why they're practically the global peg for youthful-looking people.


How do Koreans age flawlessly? Apart from their healthy, veggies-rich diet and active lifestyle, Koreans have a strict skincare regimen that they follow religiously. Check out these top five anti-aging skincare habits and how you can adopt them, too.

Habit 1: They stay updated on the latest skincare breakthroughs.

Koreans make sure their skincare products are infused with the latest and greatest anti-aging ingredients sourced from different parts of the world. One of the latest ingredients discovered that helps combat signs of aging is gold. It’s not just for bling anymore—products infused with real gold micro-particles, coupled with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), retinols, and vitamin B3, help even out and boost skin’s radiance while reducing age spots.

Habit 2: They massage while moisturizing.

Mature Asian skin is predisposed to sagging. In order to battle this, Koreans spend a few more minutes massaging their skin to keep it firm and elastic. A light and soothing rubdown can help boost circulation while tightening skin—just make sure to pair it with a serum rich in peptides to make the effects even more potent. Too high-maint’ for you? Look for a serum that has a built-in roll-on massage applicator for an easier (and more targeted) approach.


Habit 3: They don’t forget their jawline and neck.

The jawline and neck, when left untreated, are dead giveaways of your real age. Make sure you use products that specifically target these two and extend your anti-aging creams and serums all the way down to these crucial areas. While you’re at it, make sure you apply sunscreen on your jawline and neck to avoid premature aging and wrinkling on those parts as well.

Habit 4: They use time-specific creams.

When it comes to moisturizing, Koreans know that it’s important to use separate creams for day and night. Day creams offer a different kind of anti-aging benefit and are usually antioxidant-rich (and contain SPF) to help protect against environmental aggressors like free radicals and photoaging. Night creams, on the other hand, contain ingredients that target the skin at a cellular level, penetrating deeper while your skin repairs itself during sleep. Shop for a concentrated, deeper-action night cream that’s rich in collagen to wake up to youthful, rejuvenated skin.

Habit 5: They are consistent and proactive.

It’s easier to take preventive measures than it is to reverse damage, so consistency (and a proactive attitude) is crucial to anyone who wants to slow down the hands of time. So get started on your anti-aging routine before you even begin to see the first signs of aging. Bioactive ingredients like AHA, retinols, and collagen in your moisturizer can help keep your skin renewal at its peak and maintain your cellular turnover. This way, you can boast radiant, wrinkle-free skin much longer. 

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