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You Can Use BB Cream To Hide Pimples!

Yup, it's possible!

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Is there no end to this multi-tasking wonder? BB creams are legendary for many reasons:
  • It’s a timesaver, since it’s skincare and makeup in one handy tube!
  • Depending on the formulation you use, it can whiten your skin or help keep wrinkles away with anti-aging ingredients.
  • It protects your skin from the sun with SPF.
  • It also gives your skin a flawless, natural finish.
But did you know that your handy BB cream can also double as concealer? “If you still see blemishes post-application—like dark spots or redness—simply pat another layer of BB cream over the problematic areas to cover it up,” reveals celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga. To do, simply place a tiny dot on your ring finger (it has the lightest touch), wait a few seconds for it to thicken, and pat the cream over your pimple to blend. 

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