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The Many Wonders of Petroleum Jelly

It’s more than a lip balm and a burn soother! Allow us to enlighten you regarding the many powers of this underrated product.


One too many times you reached for a tub of petroleum jelly to soothe a burn or a rash. And how can you not you have a small pot in your bag to make sure your pout is supple all day? These are perhaps the two most popular uses of the wonder jelly, yet here’s something we want you to know: There are, in fact, 101 ways to use petroleum jelly.

On your face, besides using it as a lip balm or lip gloss… It can be used as a makeup remover, moisturizer, a lip exfoliator (just mix it with some sugar), a chocolate-flavored lip balm (those choco mixes have definitely come in handy). Use it to keep shampoo from getting into your eyes when bathing; blend with some eyeshadow pigment to create new colors, or apply on lashline to keep eyelash glue from running. It can also help diminish the appearance of crow’s feet—just put some around your eyes before you go to sleep. It’s a nice substitute for eyebrow gel and strobing cream, too!

On your body/skin, besides being a trusty healing agent… It makes for a great hand lotion, helps alleviate skin asthma, soothes sunburns, keeps your elbows from looking scaly and your knees from drying. Get an even tan—apply petroleum jelly on drier areas of your body for a more natural glow. Your feet will love it—it gets rid of calluses, cracked heels, and dryness in between your feet. Your hair will benefit from it as well, when used as a hair mask (adds moisture and battles dandruff). And, best of all, it’s great and very safe for your baby’s skin!

On things in your house… Unstuck zippers with petroleum jelly; remove scratches on CDs; dab on leather bags to remove dirt; use it to remove makeup stains on clothing. Petroleum jelly is also ideal for lubricating cabinets and windows; it can remove wax from candlesticks and help ward off ants from pet bowls, too (ring the edges of the bowl with it). It helps restore car seats, clean mirrors, and remove stuck bottle caps…

Never underestimate petroleum jelly ever again—it might just be the only all-around product you’ll need in your life.

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