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6 Things Every Girl With Pimples Should Avoid Doing

Picking at your zits will never make them go away.

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When you get pimples most of the time, you probably have become used to dealing with them. You know that you have to drink plenty of water, eat healthy, and avoid stress as much as possible, but do you know what to avoid doing when you have acne? Below is a list of don’ts you must keep in mind for healthy, pimple-free skin.
1. Excessive washing
Washing your face more than twice a day will dry your skin. When skin is dry, the sebaceous glands will produce more oil, clogging your pores. The result? More pimples! It’s important to use a facial foam designed to address this skin concern. As opposed to using soap which can be drying at times, a facial foam with Active Thymo-T essence can do wonders for your acne-prone skin.
2. Picking at zits
We can’t stress this enough. Your fingers come into contact with dirty objects like money, doorknobs, and even your computer keyboard! When you pick at your pimples, bacteria from the said objects may transfer to your skin, leading to the possibility of more pimples. In addition, you’ll get scars when you frequently pick and vigorously squeeze your zits. You don’t want a face full of craters, do you? 
3. Applying hot compress
While heat is good in opening up clogged pores, it’s not a recommended treatment for blown-up pimples. Heat will irritate your zits even more rather than make them easier to pop. Instead, press a cold damp cloth on the affected areas to reduce swelling. You may also dot a leave-on clearing gel with Thymo-T Essence on your blemishes to dry them up and prevent future breakouts. 
4. Trying to scrub blemishes away
Cleansing is good, but overdoing it will worsen your skin’s condition. Your pimples will get inflamed even more! If you want thorough cleansing, use an anti-acne pore conditioning toner to eliminate deep-seated dirt and reduce blemishes.
5. Squeezing cystic pimples
Cystic pimples are hidden underneath the skin. Although they’re invisible on the skin’s surface, you can still feel the bumps. Plus, they usually hurt when you touch them. A cystic pimple won’t pop no matter how hard you squeeze it. What you can do is wait for it to go away on its own, or visit your dermatologist for proper treatment.
6. Using too many products
Women sometimes have a tendency to pile on different kinds of acne-fighting products when their skin takes a while to clear up. Doing so may cause irritation, as well as prolong the healing process of their pimples. Be patient, girl! It may take time, but your pimples will eventually heal. Stick to one product like an anti-acne leave on gel with Lock + Clear technology that combats the zits from deep within, eliminating them in three days! Its lightweight formulation allows the skin to be easily absorbed, too.
Remember, your skin is sensitive when you have pimples. That’s why you have to use the right products and be extra careful in treating it to prevent further breakouts and pimple scars.  

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