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Here’s One Fast Way to Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles

This amazing ingredient works while you sleep!

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From waking up and preparing breakfast to bringing the kids to school and heading straight to the office, women have loads of things to tick off from their daily checklists. Some scheduled tasks are prioritized more than others, so these busy ladies fail to take care of something very important: Themselves. Beauty often takes a backseat, with women skipping makeup application or foregoing a daily morning and nighttime beauty regimen.
Thanks to advancements in science and technology, modern-day Filipinas don’t need to pile on too many products to look gorgeous. The discovery of a wonder ingredient called Retinol-C Complex that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines in less than 24 hours. Simply apply it on your freshly washed face and neck, get some beauty rest, and voilà! Youthful-looking skin when you stare at yourself in the mirror the very next day.
Here’s how it works: Retinol-C Complex, which can be included in an intensive serum or moisturizing day cream, releases powerful, active ingredients that help smoothen and heal the skin. Naturally derived from Vitamin A, retinol has always been an ingredient that’s synonymous with anti-aging. Combined with climbazole (the C in Retinol-C Complex), the two work hand in hand to fight against external factors such as the sun’s harsh rays, air pollution, unhealthy diet, stress, and lack of sleep—factors that all cause unwanted aging.
Try to imagine Retinol-C Complex as a road roller machine that eliminates uneven bumps over the surface it passes through. With daily use, this magical component can wipe out crow’s feet (those tell-tale wrinkles at the side of the eyes), unsightly age spots (tan, brown, or black spots that appear on the face after sun exposure), and dreaded fine lines (usually found on the forehead). In the long run, Retinol-C Complex is also known to improve uneven skin tone and helps skin appear fair and radiant! Now who wouldn’t want that for their face?

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