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Men’s Guide: Ditch These Everyday Habits That Cause Pimples

It doesn’t take much to get those extra pogi points!

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No matter what you do, pimples seem to recur as often as those extremely embarrassing flashbacks from high school. You follow a good skincare regimen (or so you think), so why the pesky bumps on your face?
You may have not realized it, but you probably have a number of daily habits that lead to pimples. Allow us to point them out to you so that you can ditch them, ASAP.
Scrubbing your skin too hard
Giving your face a mighty good scrub while washing may do more harm than good. It might cause whiteheads to pop open, spilling bacteria all over your face. It could also agitate blackheads and develop pimples, which would lead to an even bigger skin problem. Instead of vigorously rubbing the dirt away, let a good anti-pimple facial scrub do the job instead. The microscrubs will remove the dirt and oil that cause your breakouts.
Leaving your phone everywhere
You put your phone down on just about any surface—a table at a fastfood joint, the roof of your car, or even the bathroom sink. And what happens when someone calls? You get the picture. Germy phone = germy skin = pimples. The solution? Make it a habit to clean your phone regularly.
Allowing sweat to dry on your skin
From workouts at the gym to running to catch the bus, any physical exertion can cause beads of sweat to appear and run down your face. If you don’t have a handkerchief ready to wipe your face, the sweat can be a magnet to oil and grime, a combo that can clog pores. Our advice: after washing your face, swipe away remaining dirt and oil with a cleanser that has Zeroil and Dermaclear properties.
Dousing yourself in cologne
Your overpowering scent might be a culprit in your acne woes. It’s possible that droplets of cologne land on your face when you spray haphazardly, irritating your skin and causing breakouts. Next time, just keep the scent from the neck down, okay?

Sleeping on a dirty bed
You may have the best skincare routine in the world, but if you keep on sleeping on sheets that haven’t been washed for weeks, you really can’t keep pimples at bay. If you want to solve your outbreak issues, make an effort to change your pillowcases and sheets at least once a week.

It may take some time to establish a new set of habits, but it will be worth it. Anything for those extra pogi points!

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