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The Most Common Questions About Dry Skin, Answered!

It’s important to deal with this condition, ASAP. Here’s how.

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We all know that the skin is the largest organ of the body and is the first line of defense against all sorts of nasty bacteria. Just imagine if this barrier is weakened and eventually cracks—bacteria will come spilling in, which can lead to infection. One thing that causes such cracks is having dry skin. And the problem doesn’t end there, either; severely dry skin can also prompt the start of eczema, a condition consisting of inflamed, scaly skin. What’s alarming is that skin dryness is a condition that affects a huge portion of the global population, but only a small fraction pay heed to it. In Britain alone, 47 percent suffer from dry skin, with only 28 percent of them aware of their skin’s condition. See, dry skin is not to be dismissed lightly!
The sooner you deal with dry skin issues, the better. Let’s start by addressing the most common concerns.
I always apply moisturizer, but how come my skin is still dry?
When do you apply moisturizer? The timing is important, because slathering on moisturizer when your skin is already dry won’t be of much help. Put it on right after cleansing to seal in the moisture. Better yet, use petroleum jelly to lock in your skin’s moisture and repair dryness, too.

Is sunscreen enough to keep my skin hydrated?
Sunscreen can be adequate, but it would be good to keep a moisturizer close by, especially if you have dry skin. The best solution is to get a lotion that doubles as a sunscreen. Choose one that has SPF 24 PA ++ for both Ultraviolet A (or UVA, the culprit for signs of aging) and Ultraviolet B (or UVB, which is to blame for sunburn) rays.

My lotion works on different parts of my body but my soles are so dry, I’ve noticed deep cracks in the skin! What to do?
Looks like you’ve got cracked heels, a condition that involves dry, especially thick skin and which may be caused by regularly wearing open footwear and/or standing for long periods of time. The best remedy with the quickest results for this is petroleum jelly. Ideally done before bedtime, generously apply petroleum jelly on your feet right after taking a bath then seal in the moisture by slipping on a pair of cotton socks. Choose a brand with 100% pure petroleum jelly and you’ll find yourself waking up to soft, well-moisturized feet!

How to deal with dry, peeling, sunburned skin?
Moisturize! A quick-absorbing, non-greasy lotion with aloe will calm your irritated skin. The soothing properties of aloe will keep inflammation at bay and will also hasten the skin’s healing process. To add to all the advantages, slathering on a product with aloe will feel especially good too!

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