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Retinol and Glycerin: Anti-Aging Superstars

You don’t need expensive treatments to get great skin.


Want to boost your skin’s ability to renew and rejuvenate itself without a trip to the dermatologist? Meet two amazing anti-aging ingredients often touted as skin-savers to help you to get healthier, smoother, softer, more flawless skin ASAP.


Skincare problem: Fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, dullness, sagging skin

Skincare solution: Retinol

How it works: This milder version of retinoic acid (an active ingredient in most prescription creams) is a derivative of vitamin A and boosts your skin’s cell renewal process to smoothen wrinkles, improve skin texture and tone, unclog pores, and lighten superficial spots. Plus, it also helps stimulate cell repair to promote collagen and elastin production—the two amino acids responsible for firmer, plumper, younger skin.

Possible side effects: Ease into any product that contains pure retinol since the active ingredient’s potency can cause skin irritation like dryness, redness, and flaking.




Make it work better: Apply a moisturizer after any product with retinol to keep skin from drying and help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. Best applied in the evenings to avoid irritation caused by sun exposure. During the day, always pair it with sunscreen.


Skincare problem: Dryness

Skincare solution: Glycerin

How it works: Glycerin is a humectant, which means it readily absorbs water from the air or the environment, making it a popular ingredient in moisturizers. In the case of skincare, Glycerin attracts water to the surface layers of the skin, usually from the lower layers of the skin itself, to help maintain the skin’s outer barrier and prevent dryness and roughness.

Possible side effects: There isn’t much downside to this ingredient since it is a substance naturally found in our skin.

Make it work better: When a moisturizer that contains glycerin is combined with other emollients, it can do wonders to help soften and plump up the look of skin. It also helps keep the outer layer of the skin intact to shield you from environmental aggressors.

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