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The Secrets of Glowing Complexion According to Korean Skincare

We’re breaking down the Korean skincare routine, step by step.


Let’s be honest: The obsession with Korean beauty products is totally sound and completely understandable. Just take a look at the first Korean star you come across online, and you’ll see what we’re getting at. Plus, it doesn’t even matter if it’s a guy or a girl, as virtually anyone has great skin!

Flawless, fresh, dewy skin has become the Korean standard, and that has put them at the forefront of skincare. Their secret? A strict 10-step skincare routine that they religiously follow at all costs. Check it out below, and get that healthy glowing complexion you’ve always dreamed about, pronto!

Step 1: Remove your makeup
Koreans are known for double-cleansing. This usually involves massaging an oil-based cleanser onto your dry skin will break down your makeup, making it easier to rinse off. It also gets rid of dirt and sebum buildup which is bad for your skin.

Step 2: Wash off with a water-based cleanser
The second stage of cleansing involves using an oil-based cleanser to ensure that there is no residue left of the very same oil that you previously used. Effectively uncover fairer skin and strip away dullness while cleansing your face with a lightening facial foam that taps into the power of Pro-Vitamin B3.

Step 3: Exfoliate
It’s crucial to regularly slough off dead skin cells and other impurities that can clog up your pores. Exfoliate with the help of a gentle facial scrub or a chemical exfoliant once or twice a week to promote the regeneration of healthy new cells.

Step 4: Tone
A toner can refine and refresh your skin by wiping away gunk and balancing its pH levels. This step conditions your skin for better absorption of the products and treatments that follow. Go for a toner that contains niacinamide to help reduce dark spots and give you a radiant, even skin tone to boot.




Step 5: Nourish with essence
Pat in some essence onto your freshly-toned skin to hydrate, brighten, and amp up cellular repair. This product is considered as a toner and serum hybrid that bridges the gap between the two steps for best results.

Step 6: Treat your skin with some serum, booster, and/or ampoule
These products are concentrated liquids packed with ingredients that address different issues you may be having with your skin—from acne-clearing, to spot-correction, and wrinkle-prevention. Take your pick and tap the product gently onto your face.

Step 7: Rejuvenate with a sheet mask
Usually used once or twice a week, the sheet mask is a way to relax and pamper yourself for 15-20 minutes while letting your skin soak up the mask’s restorative ingredients. Like the treatments in step 6, there is a wide variety of sheet masks to choose from depending on your skin’s needs.

Step 8: Give your eye area some special attention
Gently tap (never rub!) some eye cream around your peepers with your ring finger. The skin around your eyes is delicate, so it’s essential to carefully protect it with a specially formulated cream from what you use on the rest of your face.

Step 9: Moisturize
Keep your skin radiant, plump, and hydrated with a daily moisturizing product that can brighten and repair damaged cells as well. Whether you’re using a night cream or day cream, be sure to select a formulation with niacinamide or Pro-Vitamin B3 to achieve a healthy pinkish white glow.

Step 10: Slather on some SPF
Never leave the house without sun protection! Apply a product that offers UVA and UVB protection before heading outdoors.

Pro tip: To cut one step out of your routine without sacrificing your skin, opt for a day cream with SPF 15 and PA++ all rolled into a non-oily formula for a two-in-one moisturizing and sun-shielding product.

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